Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Why we don't have a fax number

Once a key feature of any office environment, Cedex Solutions does not have a fax machine (nor therefore a fax number) because we think the technology is expensive, outdated, insecure and not environmentally sound.

The direct cost of owning and operating a fax machine includes:-
  • the cost of buying the equipment
  • the cost of installing, maintaining and servicing the equipment
  • the cost of (usually) a dedicated telephone number and a separate line (at the business tariff)
  • the cost of providing power to the machine (usually 24/7)
  • the downtime spent operating the equipment (sending or receiving)
  • call charges
  • paper and toner costs
The actual costs will depend on the specific contracts a business has entered into but we guess this will be upwards from £300 a year before any usage costs.

Using CedexPro secure document exchange software as a substitute for sending faxes gives the following direct costs savings:-
  • you already own, maintain, power and service the necessary equipment
  • there is far less downtime involved in sending a document compared to the time spent sending standing by the fax machine
  • you choose whether or not to print documents (documents received can be saved as soft copies on your computer). With a fax you have to print it the document in order to send or receive it.